Sensemaking, Selling To Customers In The Complicated Quadrant
Business 2 Community, June 6th, 2019
June 6, 2019,
Volume 255, Issue 1

In this post, I'll do a deep dive into how we sell into organizations operating in the Complicated Quadrant

"The Complicated Context is, probably, one we think we are operating in most of the time. Where the Simple Quadrant is characterized by known known and there are best practices and 'right answers,' the Complicated Quadrant is characterized by unknown-knowns. Stated less obscurely, there can be many possible solutions or answers to the issues we or our customers are seeking to address.

While customers and others in the Complicated quadrant may not know or understand what's happening, they know they can analyze it and figure it out. While they may have never faced this before, others have and they can learn from what others have done. The process we go through in doing this involves sensing, analyzing, responding..."

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