5 Digital Leadership Lessons From The Trenches
The Enterprisers Project, May 30th, 2019
June 9, 2019,
Volume 255, Issue 1

Are you making progress on the path to CIO or CDO? Consider this advice from people who've made that leap

"If you want a picture of what today's successful CIOs look like, take a look around the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium," suggests Laurianne McLaughlin in The Enterprisers Project. "As I talked with CIOs at the event last week, it struck me that the ones getting the most done right now have one quality in common: Extraordinary people skills.

That was not the case in 2006, when I started reporting on the CIO community. Then, success was all about your ability to manage big, thorny implementations, and perhaps to spot the next big thing early. Brilliant egotists were tolerated. Today, success is all about your ability to work with people - on cross-functional teams, in agile ways, doing fast experiments, without burning out talent..."

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