Humans' Fascination With Artificial General Intelligence
Information Week, June 6th, 2019
June 6, 2019,
Volume 255, Issue 1

Is transhumanism our destiny? One thing that everyone seems to agree on is the inherent risk to humanity when (or if) it happens. And that we should be scared

"Recently I was asked by my company to develop a presentation for staff on the origins, present state and plausible future outcomes for artificial intelligence. This is in keeping with my position as the global lead for our AI Center of Excellence. And that process led to an exploration of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), when it might arrive and the implications for better or worse.

New artificial intelligence capabilities appear every day. In a single day just recently, an avid reader would have found articles about how AI might one day help us to predict earthquakes, how wearable AI will amplify human intelligence, how the technology is being used to create new alloys for 3D printing, how it is changing agriculture, and more. On that day, there were at least a dozen such headlines about how AI is transforming industry and society..."

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