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Maybe A Paperweight Next Time?
ComputerWorld, May 3rd, 2019

"It's the late '80s and pilot fish is a junior programmer working on terminal emulation software for PCs to access various mainframe systems. He periodically ships out updates to customers on 5.25-inch floppy disks.

A few days after the latest update, Fish receives a call from a customer who says the floppy disk she received appears to be blank.

Not a problem, Fish says, I'll overnight a new copy. But after few days pass, the customer calls to say that this disk is blank as well..." -ComputerWorld

"It's a few years ago, and this pilot fish is working at a big computer company where he's getting ready to move into a new position.

'I was leaving a team of highly skilled developers that I had hand-picked,' fish says. 'I insisted that, before I left, I got a chance to brief the new manager.'

Fish's bosses assure him that his replacement is the cream of the crop, and perfectly suited for a dynamic, high-tech development environment..." - ComputerWorld

The Plotting Thickens
ComputerWorld, April 30th, 2019

"It's the late 1970s and pilot fish is working for a small company that produces custom solutions involving computer hardware, software or both. A large customer wants a pair of drafting machines - pen plotters that can produce large-scale physical engineering drawings from CAD systems. .." - ComputerWorld

Watch Your Step
ComputerWorld, April 29th, 2019

"It's 1969 and pilot fish is a college sophomore taking several computer programming classes. There are no terminals and no timesharing, only batch processing. Students punch their programs onto cards in a room with a half-dozen keypunch machines, carefully check them against their heavily marked-up printouts and repunch any cards that need to be corrected. The final step is to carry the card decks to a nearby table, where a teaching assistant takes the rubber bands off, puts separator cards between the decks, and carefully places them in metal trays. Once a day, he loads the trays onto a rolling cart and takes them to the computer room..." - ComputerWorld

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