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"The best CIOs give their communications leaders a seat at the table, partnering with them to improve their own communications and the IT team's communications," notes Dan Roberts in CIO.

"When last we met, I summarized two key lessons from a dozen leading IT communications professionals. As CIOs fight a never-ending battle for talent in a hyper-competitive marketplace, and as they struggle to elevate their organizations from basic service providers to strategic innovators, their approach to communications becomes vital..."

Kelly Sheridan writes in Dark Reading "How a rocky relationship between IT operations and cybersecurity teams can compound security risks.

IT operations and security teams share the bulk of responsibility for protecting organizations from digital threats. Unfortunately, lack of trust between the two can compromise security..."

Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends For 2019
Business 2 Community, May 3rd, 2019

"Digital transformational changes are driven by an organization's productivity and operations to achieve their goals faster and better," notes Rajat Chauhan in Business 2 Community.

"Moreover, digital transformation is a foundational change in how an organization delivers value to its customers. Here is what transformation truly entails - and how to tell whether your organization is on the right path.

The digital transformation is a necessary disruption to encourage more than 80% of businesses to improve their customer experience. this way businesses can quickly deliver the experiences their customer wish and help them gain their loyalty..."

"It can be a long, hard climb to the top of the career ladder and, for many new CIOs, CTOs and other IT leaders, the first view from above wasn't exactly what they expected," opines John Edwards in CIO.

"Harvard Pan, CTO for healthcare software developer Diameter Health, clearly remembers when he discovered that a critical clinical application was dead on arrival. The incident remains forever seared into his memory. "We were rolling out an application to over 10,000 clinicians," he recalls. IT had diligently tested every aspect of the application, measuring the performance of all endpoints against test servers..."

"Digital transformation, or DX, is everywhere - from hospitality to retail to the enterprise," notes Jamshid Rezaei in Information Management.

"But because technology implementation moves quickly, it's no secret that speed is the currency for companies undergoing digital transformation.

In actuality, moving business operations to more digital and user-savvy functionality is much easier said than done. So, without getting lost in the process, how exactly can companies execute this transformation swiftly and successfully?

Companies should consider the following best practices when looking to implement a successful and speedy organization-wide strategy:..."

CIOs Get Strategic
CIO, May 3rd, 2019

"As the lines between technology and business blur, CIOs are stepping up their strategy role, taking ownership of new disciplines and serving as a key force behind digital innovation," writes Beth Stackpole in CIO.

"Sarah Naqvi spent the greater part of her career at HMSHost International, a purveyor of food and beverage services for travelers, starting out in application development as a programmer analyst and working her way up the ranks to become CIO in 2013.

The early days of Naqvi's CIO tenure was fairly traditional, focused on shoring up infrastructure, implementing enterprise systems, and ensuring operations were up to snuff. As HMSHost, a $3.3 billion company, began to embark on its digital roadmap, however, Naqvi's CIO role took a new turn. Named executive vice president with a direct report to the CEO, Naqvi took ownership of critical business strategy in areas such as digital innovation and customer experience..."

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