Beyond The Hype: Blockchain Gets Down To Business
siliconAngle, May 3rd, 2019
May 12, 2019,
Volume 254, Issue 2

"Are you skeptical about blockchain? I'm not surprised," writes Jason Bloomberg and Jason English in siliconAngle.

"For a technology that got its start as the infrastructure that underlay the bitcoin cryptocurrency and then blossomed into a Libertarian's dream of a decentralized transaction platform that would take down the modern financial world, blockchain has had its share of hype, scams and other nonsense.

However, if we pare away all the silliness and radical politics, a core set of innovative technologies come to light. At its heart, a blockchain is an immutable, secure ledger. Every time anyone writes a record or 'block' to a blockchain, it's there to stay - and no one can change it..."

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