Managed, Enterprise IT Newsletter As A Service
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May 7, 2019,
Volume 254, Issue 2

Most people selling or marketing into the enterprise IT space see the value in having a regular newsletter with valuable content sent to their key contacts. However they know how hard it is to produce a quality newsletter that their contacts will value.

It's a build or buy choice and I can make that an easy 'buy' choice!

IT News and Events (ITNE) can provide an individual with a turnkey, managed Enterprise IT Newsletter service for about $33/week. For a team of five, ITNE provides additional features, a custom website, and up to 1000 contacts per rep for about $22/week per team member.

Here's the web version:

Blogs about the service:

  • Why Use IT News and Events' Managed, Enterprise IT Newsletter Service?
  • Getting Started
  • Quick Pricing Summary
  • Email Marketing: Steps To Building An Effective Campaign
  • Email Marketing Statistics - Still An Effective Marketing Strategy
  • Experience The Enterprise IT Newsletter
  • Tell Me About Your Newsletter Service

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