ML And Hybrid Cloud Security: '4 P'S' Predictions
Enterprise AI, April 8th, 2019
April 8, 2019,
Volume 253, Issue 2

"Enterprises are data-rich and insight-poor as it relates to security for multi-cloud, hybrid infrastructure. Machine learning approaches are relatively well-established for email security, data loss prevention and malware detection. But for infrastructure security, ML is largely untapped, yet it can unlock the data jam and delight SecOps users, if applied correctly.

The 4 Ps

In our analysis, most successful breaches exploit the '4 Ps. in unforeseen ways. You're all too familiar with the usual suspects: (open) Ports, (loose) Privileges, (weak) Passwords and (missing) Patches. The 4 Ps pop up throughout the entire enterprise stack, including the network, storage, databases, virtual and physical servers, containers, cloud services and applications. We expect that ML approaches will hone in on the 4 Ps, learn from patterns thereof and predict potential weaknesses in an enterprise infrastructure..."

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