Asus Just Gave You 1 Million Reasons To Switch From Windows To Linux
Forbes, March 29th, 2019
April 7, 2019,
Volume 253, Issue 1

"Cyber-security and antivirus company Kaspersky dropped a bomb on Asus laptop users this week, revealing that malware was distributed through the Asus Live Update utility," reports Jason Evangelho in Forbes.

"It masqueraded as a legitimate security update, and even boasted a 'verified' certificate -- hosted on Asus servers -- to make it appear valid.

Kaspersky has deemed this attack 'one of the biggest supply-chain incidents ever.' Such attacks spiked 78% between 2017 and 2018. This shouldn't raise alarms for just Asus users. It should prompt you to seriously consider whether you want Windows on your PC. Because the possibility of this ever happening on a desktop Linux OS like Ubuntu is minuscule..."

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