LeanAgileUS 2019
Monday, February 25th, 2019: 9:00AM to Wednesday, February 27th
February 9, 2019,
Volume 251, Issue 1

Signature Grand - Davie

LeanAgileUS has something for anyone interested in Lean and Agile practices. We offer a unique blend of all flavours of agile with speakers from around the globe. We offer tracks that cover everything from introductory to advanced agile topics with a variety of perspectives that are relevant today.

Whether you are a developer, project manager, product owner, scrum master, team lead, manager or executive, there is something relevant and informative for you! Not to mention the ability to network and share ideas with like-minded agilists from all over the nation and around the world! And let's not forget about the fantastic food, fun welcome reception and the beautiful Florida weather!

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