Dark Future For 2.5-Inch HDDs
StorageNewsletter.com, January 8th, 2019
January 8, 2019,
Volume 250, Issue 2

"HDDs are today offered in two form factors: 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches, following the death of all the other ones.

No more 2.5-inch announcements

There was no internal 2.5-inch HDD announced at all since March 2018 by WD (a notebook HDD), since December 2017 by Toshiba and since May 2017 by Seagate (enterprise 10,000rpm devices). Per comparison 19 were released in year 2010 only. For 2.5-inch hybrid units integrating flash memories and disappearing, the last one was launched by WD in 2013..."

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