Predictions 2019: What Will Happen In Big Data, Cloud Storage
eWeek, January 8th, 2019
January 8, 2019,
Volume 250, Issue 2

"If you believe what some of the big-data experts are predicting, 2019 could well become a year that will bring renewed interest in data lakes, of all things. Private clouds, too, may be making a comeback.

Other big-data-related predictions include hybrid becoming the de facto general environment, big data being consolidated into 'little data' and transparency becoming a key AI requirement.

Another expert in this segment believes 'there will be a resurgence of developers looking at what their apps do with data, as they will have to make those deployments get data out to the rest of the business for them to use. For enterprises with a big mix of hybrid cloud services, traditional and modern apps, and big business problems to solve, that data issue is going to be top of mind.'

Here is the latest in a series of eWEEK prediction articles ahead of the new year 2019..."

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