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Rebecca Hill writes in The Register, here are "The best of readers' tech trouble one-liners.."

"On Call Over the months, On Call and Who, Me? - El Reg's weekly columns of tech support cock-ups - stack up quite a few submissions that are too short to whip into a single piece.

To help fend off those post-Christmas blues and remind you that you do indeed need to return to work soon, we've compiled a list of winning one-liners and shorts to speed you into the New Year..."

Broken, Not Broken, Broken, Not Broken...
ComputerWorld, December 28th, 2018

'Your software is lying down on the job, a customer accuses tech support pilot fish.

What do you mean? fish asks.

"The computer starts printing the form, but when it's halfway, it just stops," user says. "If we try to print it again, we get the same result"...' - ComputerWorld

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