Blockchain Tutorial For CIOs
Search CIO, December 18th, 2018
December 18, 2018,
Volume 249, Issue 3

"While stories of the benefits of blockchain abound in the press, the technology carries with it processing overhead that may make its use impractical in many scenarios, and it brings along many uncertainties in terms of scalability, integration, cultural adoption, data privacy, security and regulatory status. IT leaders will be -- or already are -- tasked with determining whether blockchain offers their companies cost savings, productivity efficiencies or competitive advantage. Answering those questions will require, at the very least, a thorough understanding of how the technology works, proposals of where the technology might be used and then a discerning eye toward whether blockchain is the right technology, or whether something simpler would suffice.

In this SearchCIO blockchain tutorial, we help CIOs and IT executives get started on the discovery process of understanding blockchain..."

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