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"The adoption of NLP is expected to pick up momentum in the coming years with the adoption of more personal assistants, increased smartphone functionalities and the evolution of Big Data to automate even more routine human tasks," reports Sapan Shah in ITProPortal.

"Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the increased access to powerful processors and cloud computing have made possible significant advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP), the ability of a software program to understand human language as it is spoken..."

"Last week, we covered artificial intelligence in our tech history course. This week, we dive deep into the hottest trend in this field: machine learning. ML's near-human performance in tasks like image recognition masks some really strange issues, because ML logic is not like our Earth logic.

This week in our tech history course, we're digging in deeper to one of the hottest topics in tech today: machine learning. How has this subset of artificial intelligence captured hearts, minds, and imaginations across the world? Generally, by failing in adorable ways.

Time to settle in and crack open those textbooks to chapter 8; tech history class is in session!..." - Jaxenter

"Tuomas Syrjanen, co-founder AI Renewal at Futurice, explains why CEOs need to 'get down and dirty' with artificial intelligence...

Artificial intelligence is more than just hype now, the technology has already found its way into multiple areas of our lives. It's in the digital ads we view online every day. It's in our health apps and in our digital playlists. It's changing how we interact with brands and how we interact with each other..." - Information Age

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