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Quantum Computing: A Cheat Sheet
TechRepublic, October 25th, 2018
"This resource covers the future of computing in the post-transistor age, and the technical hurdles inherent in the pursuit of quantum computing," offers James Sanders in TechRepublic.

"Quantum computing - considered to be the next generation of high-performance computing - is a rapidly-changing field that receives equal parts attention in academia and in enterprise research labs. Presently, Google, IBM, and Intel are independently developing their own implementations of quantum computers, as are startups such as D-Wave Systems. TechRepublic's cheat sheet for quantum computing is positioned both as an easily digestable introduction to a new paradigm of computing, as well as a "living" guide that will be updated periodically to keep IT leaders informed on advances in the science and commercialization of quantum computing..."

What Is The Difference Between CPU And GPU
TechWorm, October 25th, 2018
Anchit Sharma writes in TechWorm, "The question of the difference between CPU and GPU might have struck your mind once in life. Is it a duel of CPU vs GPU or they work together to scrape last ounce of Hertz juice for your programs?

Keep on reading to find out..."

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