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What Keeps The CISO Awake At Night
Dark Reading, October 22nd, 2018
Matthias Maier writes in Dark Reading, "One of the CISO's biggest fears is waking up to find their organization in the headlines reporting a security failure - which they do not have under control. Have you ever considered how prepared you are to respond to the question 'what have you done about it'? Replace YOURCOMPANY with your organization's name in the examples below, and consider your answers to the questions that follow:.."
IT Security Jobs By The Numbers: 12 Stats
The Enterprisers Project, October 22nd, 2018
"IT security skills remain red hot, but just how many security positions are open now? What do top security pros earn?" asks Kevin Casey in The Enterprisers Project. "We round up instructive data...

Security positions - whether in data, information, network, systems, or cloud - make the list of 'hard-to-staff' positions in Robert Half Technology's 2019 Salary Guide.

You've heard that one before. But scroll down to the report's national average salary tables for security-related jobs and 'hard-to-staff' begins to sound like a laughable understatement, with the lowest percentiles for the least-skilled or least-experienced roles still commanding near-six-figure salaries. That's the floor, folks..."

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