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IT News - CxO
6 Habits Of Influential IT Leaders
CIO, October 29th, 2018
"In an era of continual business transformation, influence is a key leadership skill to lean on - one that must be developed and honed for success," opines Mary K. Pratt in CIO.

"CIOs need to sway opinions and build consensus if they want to get work done, whether it's for a tactical technology implementation or a multimillion-dollar transformational project.

In fact, CIOs list influence as one of the most important leadership skills needed to succeed, now and more so in the future, according to Deloitte's 2018 Global CIO Survey, as 48 percent of 1,437 CIOs identified influencing others as among the top five must-have leadership skills over the next three years..."

Gartner Breaks Down The State Of Quantum Computing Technology
SearchCIO, October 31st, 2018
"Gartner's annual 'top 10 technology trends for 2019' included an item that may come as a bit of a surprise to some IT leaders -- quantum computing," reports Brian Holak in SearchCIO.

"David Cearley, distinguished vice president and analyst at Gartner, and explainer-in-chief of the top 10 technologies admitted the selection was a source of controversy internally at the research firm. The reason?

Quantum computing technology is arguably still in its emerging state. Gartner doesn't believe that it will be mature and mainstream for another four, five or even six years, but 'significant advances' have been observed in just the last 18 months, warranting its inclusion, Cearley said..."

8 Threats That Could Sink Your Company
Dark Reading, October 30th, 2018
"McAfee released its Cloud Adoption and Risk Report, which analyzed billions of events in anonymized customers production cloud use to assess the current state of cloud deployments and to uncover risks. The report revealed that nearly a quarter of the data in the cloud can be categorized as sensitive, putting an organization at risk if stolen or leaked.

The study found that while organizations aggressively use the public cloud to create new digital experiences for their customers, the average enterprise experiences more than 2,200 misconfiguration incidents per month in their infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) instances..." -- Dark Reading

Busting IT Modernization Myths
FCW, October 29th, 2018
Troy K. Schneider writes in FCW, "FCW recently gathered a group of IT modernization leaders from agencies large and small to discuss the myths and misunderstandings they most often confront. The discussion was on the record but not for individual attribution (see below for a list of participants), and the quotes have been edited for length and clarity. Here are seven myths the group focused on busting..."

Top 10 Predictions And Key Drivers For The IT Industry For The Next Five Years
HelpNet Security, November 2nd, 2018
"Over the past several years, IT and business leaders have been focused on the digital transformation (DX) their organizations must go through as they reimagine their organizations built on 3rd Platform technologies (cloud, mobile, big data & analytics, and social) and further enabled by Innovation Accelerators such as the IoT, AI, and AR/VR.

Today, this transformation story is well into its second chapter and gaining momentum as organizations unleash 'multiplied innovation' through expanded digital reach, pervasive intelligence, exploding app and service development, evolving customer expectations, and ambient trust and security..." - HelpNet Security

IT News - Storage
Best SSD Buying Guide: Best And Fastest SSDs
Enterprise Storage Forum, October 31st, 2018
"What is the best solid state drive on the market? What is the fastest SSD? What is the best buy SSD?" asks Drew Robb in Enterprise Storage Forum.

"We answer these complex questions this buying guide...

Solid state drives (SSDs) play a central role in the enterprise. They are now available in multiple form factors, capacities, speeds, functions and price ranges.

The early versions simply slotted into existing hard drive slots in storage arrays, servers and PCs. While this form factor remains popular for SAS and SATA drives, there are also smaller PCIe and M.2. form factors that can move the power of flash closer to the CPU.

More recently, NVMe SSDs have been developed that enhance the speed of the SSD via modern data transport protocols. And this speed has caught the attention of storage admins: the fastest NVMe is typically viewed as the best NVMe..."

How Does Cloud Storage Work?
Enterprise Storage Forum, November 2nd, 2018
Lisa Morgan writes in Enterprise Storage Forum, "Cloud storage uses a highly virtualized infrastructure to provide enterprises with scalable storage resources that can be provisioned in a pre-defined way or provisioned dynamically as required by the organization...

Enterprises are increasingly adopting cloud storage options because they need more capacity, elastic capacity and a better way to manage storage costs over time. The growing amount of enterprise data and cloud data are proving too difficult for IT departments to manage using their data center alone.

Not surprisingly, enterprises are supplementing what they have with cloud data storage in the form of private cloud, public cloud or both. Among the benefits: the capability to leverage cloud storage pricing, which offers great budget flexibility..."

Leaders In Hyperconverged Infrastructure - The Forrester Wave, October 29th, 2018
Jean Jacques Maleval writes in, "Market research company Forrester Research, Inc. has published on September 25, 2018 a report, The Forrester Wave: Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Q3 2018 ($2,495), written by senior analyst Naveen Chhabra with Glenn O'Donnell, Amanda Lipson and Bill Nagel.

Below is an abstract showing the chart with the best software-based hyperconverged infrastructure providers based on 36-criterion evaluation:..."

IT News - AI
Natural Language Processing, Today And In The Near Future
ITProPortal, October 30th, 2018
"The adoption of NLP is expected to pick up momentum in the coming years with the adoption of more personal assistants, increased smartphone functionalities and the evolution of Big Data to automate even more routine human tasks," reports Sapan Shah in ITProPortal.

"Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the increased access to powerful processors and cloud computing have made possible significant advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP), the ability of a software program to understand human language as it is spoken..."

Know Your History - Machine Learning Makes Some Computers Smarter-ish
Jaxenter, October 30th, 2018
"Last week, we covered artificial intelligence in our tech history course. This week, we dive deep into the hottest trend in this field: machine learning. ML's near-human performance in tasks like image recognition masks some really strange issues, because ML logic is not like our Earth logic.

This week in our tech history course, we're digging in deeper to one of the hottest topics in tech today: machine learning. How has this subset of artificial intelligence captured hearts, minds, and imaginations across the world? Generally, by failing in adorable ways.

Time to settle in and crack open those textbooks to chapter 8; tech history class is in session!..." - Jaxenter

Why CEOs Need To Get Involved With Artificial Intelligence
Information Age, October 30th, 2018
"Tuomas Syrjanen, co-founder AI Renewal at Futurice, explains why CEOs need to 'get down and dirty' with artificial intelligence...

Artificial intelligence is more than just hype now, the technology has already found its way into multiple areas of our lives. It's in the digital ads we view online every day. It's in our health apps and in our digital playlists. It's changing how we interact with brands and how we interact with each other..." - Information Age

IT News - Technology
Optical Networking Breakthrough Will Run Networks 100x Faster
Networkworld, October 31st, 2018
Patrick Nelson writes in Networkworld, "Forming light waves into a spiral pattern allows multiplexing within fiber cable, adding throughput to traditional networks, researchers say...

Researchers reckon they could speed up the internet a hundredfold with a new technique that twists light beams within fiber optic cable rather than sending them in a straight path.

'What we've managed to do is accurately transmit data via light at its highest capacity in a way that will allow us to massively increase our bandwidth,' Dr. Haoran Ren, of Australia's RMIT University, said in a press release..."

US Rubber Stamps Right To Repair: What It Means For IT, SMBs, And Tinkerers
TechRepublic, October 29th, 2018
"The previous copyright law that only allowed big manufacturers to fix tech products has finally been lifted. Here's what that means for techies," writes Macy Bayern in TechRepublic.

"The tech repair community saw a major victory with the new ruling regarding the freedom to tinker, according to a recent blog post from Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit. Wiens represented the iFixit community six months ago in a Los Angeles courtroom, petitioning for the right of product owners to fix their own devices, rather than send them back to a manufacturer..."

IT News - Security
Dark Web: A Cheat Sheet For Business Professionals
TechRepublic, October 29th, 2018
"Nefarious profiteers use the encrypted internet to sell stolen data, drugs, and weapons. Facebook and the UN use it to protect dissidents and journalists. This guide shines a light on the Dark Web," writes Dan Patterson in TechRepublic.

"Hacking is a fact of life for businesses and consumers alike. Often, leaked data surfaces and is sold to miscreants - hackers, shady government organizations, and other bad actors - on the Dark Web.

The Dark Web - or dark net, backweb, onionweb - is frequently misunderstood. The network is used by legitimate actors like law enforcement organizations, cryptologists, and journalists as often as by malefactors and criminals..."

Cyber Security Myths You Should Stop Telling Yourself
ITProPortal, October 31st, 2018
Nick Bianco writes in ITProPortal, "While many cyber security myths persist, some are more damaging than others, here are four common cyber security myths and their impact on risk.

Cyber security preparedness is one of the major obstacles facing businesses today, and due to its importance, it can be a magnet for myths. Attacks emerge and cripple systems availability or swipe data quickly and unexpectedly. It happens so fast that the myths so many businesses hold onto as facts are only apparent in the aftermath of an attack.

While many cyber security myths persist, some are more damaging than others, here are four common cyber security myths and their impact on risk..."

A Look At Hyper-Convergence Vs. Traditional Server Deployments
SearchDataCenter, October 29th, 2018
"HCI clusters and rack servers both offer benefits for a data center rollout. Still, figuring out which is easier to set up requires evaluation and planning," notes Alastair Cooke in SearchDataCenter.

"All but the smallest IT departments can achieve HCI-like simplicity with modern storage and servers.

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) uses clustered local storage to eliminate storage area networks, but its true value comes from the way it simplifies operational tasks. HCI eliminates disk groups, RAID configurations and Fibre Channel networks, which makes it easier to go from hardware on the loading dock to a virtualization platform..."

IT News - HR
5 Barriers To Creating Data-Driven HR - And How To Overcome Them
SearchHRSoftware, October 30th, 2018
"In the simplest terms, data can help you make better decisions and, thus, better support your organization and the people in it."

Mark Feffer writes in SearchHRSoftware, "That's the belief of Alexis Fink, Intel's general manager of talent management, and a belief that's shared by many others. Indeed, an increasing number of human resources leaders have come to trust that properly collecting and analyzing data can lead to more effective HR decision-making -- that is, workforce-related decisions that result in better outcomes for both employees and the business..."

Remote Work Now Available At 56% Of The World'S Workplaces
HR Dive, October 31st, 2018
Valerie Bolden-Barrett writes in HR Dive, "The 2018 Global State of Remote Work report by OWL Labs, a video conferencing hardware company, found that 56% of employers worldwide offer either a completely remote workplace or a hybrid form of remote work. The survey of more than 3,000 employees across the globe also found that employees who work remotely at least once a month are 24% happier than those who never work off-site.

In other highlights in the report, 52% of the respondents work remotely at least once a week, and as the number of employees working off-site grows, so do the reasons for working remotely. Interestingly, the top reason for working remotely shifted from maintaining a healthy work-life balance in 2017 to productivity and focus in 2018..."

IT News - Database
20+ MongoDB Alternatives You Should Know About
Percona, October 30th, 2018
"As MongoDB has changed their license from AGPL to SSPL many are concerned by this change, and by how sudden it has been. Will SSPL be protective enough for MongoDB, or will the next change be to go to an altogether proprietary license?" asks Peter Zaitsev in Percona.

"According to our poll, many are going to explore MongoDB alternatives. This blog post provides a brief outline of technologies to consider..."

IT News - Wireless
AT&T Leads 5G Race With Millimeter Wave Mobile Browsing
ComputerWorld, October 29th, 2018
Jeff Kagan reports in ComputerWorld, "5G wireless milestone has been reached last week by AT&T with their successful Millimeter Wave mobile browsing test. Their 5G services are now ready to roll out. That means we can expect them in the marketplace with their fast 5G services during the next month or two...

We all have heard, 5G is coming soon. It has now become clear; AT&T Mobility is leading the way with their successful Millimeter Wave mobile browsing test conducted last week. They are the first carrier to offer 5G speeds with their standards-based commercial mobile 5G device. The NETGEAR Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspot will be available on the AT&T Mobile 5G network by the end of this year..."

IT News - Networks
SD-WAN: The Inside Scoop From Real-World Deployments
Networkworld, October 30th, 2018
"Enterprise network pros share SD-WAN best practice and lessons learned..."

Sandra Gittlen writes in Networkworld, "Harrison Lewis wasn't looking for SD-WAN, but he's glad he found it.

Northgate Gonzalez, which operates 40 specialty grocery stores throughout Southern California, had distributed its compute power for years. Each store individually supported applications with servers and other key infrastructure and relied on batch processing to deal with nightly backups and storage, according to Lewis, the privately held company's CIO..."

IT News - Careers
13 Lies Employers Tell About Job Offers
Ask The Headhunter, October 29th, 2018
In the October 30, 2018 Ask The Headhunter Newsletter a reader recounts her experience with a small-business owner and how he plays games with job offers...


"I just came across some of your articles when trying to research my job offer being rescinded. A lot of what you wrote resonated with me and made me feel much better about my experience today.

I interviewed for a high level position at a smaller company, so I was talking to the owner directly. Here are the key facts about the compensation:..."

Survey Says: Managers Are All-In On IT Talent
ITProPortal, October 29th, 2018
"What is the impact of skilled IT staff?" asks Mark Leary in ITProPortal. "Are organisations investing in the development of their employees? And looking to the future, what IT skills will be valued most as we accelerate into the digital era?

These are likely questions you ask yourself - whether you are an executive, manager, or individual contributor. As a technology training and certifications provider, we at Cisco ask ourselves these same questions all the time. Recently, we surveyed 300 technology executives and managers in large US-based organisations to hear what they had to say about IT talent. We asked. They answered..."

IT News - Big Data
15 Top Platforms For MDM And Data Governance
Information Management, October 31st, 2018
"Enterworks, Informatica, Pitney Bowes and Riversand are among the providers of top platforms for master data management and data governance capabilities, says the MDM Institute," writes David Weldon in Information Management.

"In its annual report on the top master data management platforms, the MDM Institute has identified 15 from what it calls "Vendors That Matter," listed below. At the MDM & Data Governance Summit in New York, November 4-6, MDM Institute Chief Research Officer Aaron Zornes will explore in more detail what separates the best products from the rest..."

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