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blackhat: A CISO's Perspective On Improving SecOps Effectiveness (Sept. 28th)
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IT News - CxO
What CTOs Are Learning From Generative AI
InfoWorld, Friday, September 8,2023
Risk Prediction Models: How They Work And Their Benefits
SearchCIO, Friday, September 8,2023
7 Tough IT Security Discussions Every IT Leader Must Have
CIO, Wednesday, September 6,2023
Winners Announced For National CIO Of The Year Orbie Awards
Architecture And Governance, Wednesday, September 6,2023
IT News - Security
17 Customer Identity And Access Management (CIAM) Best Practices Enterprises Should Consider
Solutions Review, Wednesday, September 6,2023
Cut Through Cybersecurity Vendor Hype With These 6 Tips
Search Security, Wednesday, September 6,2023
The Future Of Work Is Remote: How To Prepare For The Security Challenges
Security Boulevard, Tuesday, September 5,2023
AI-Powered Cloud Siem: Real-Time Threat Intel Boosts Defences
ComputerWeekly, Thursday, September 7,2023
What Types Of Data Breaches Do You Need To Know About In 2023?
Blackfog, Saturday, September 9,2023
Lessons From A Ransomware Attack: How One Healthcare CIO Helped Her Company Recover
SiliconANGLE , Friday, September 8,2023
IT News - MFA
Enterprise MFA Is Actually Really Cool
Gigaom, Friday, September 8,2023
IT News - CxO Podcasts
@HPCpodcast: Red Hat's Mike McGrath on RHEL Source Code Access and the Linux Open Source Controversy
insideHPC, Thursday, September 7,2023
AI Foundations: Data Democratization And Cloud Computing
CXOtalk, Friday, September 8,2023
IT News - Storage
Gartner Unveils Hottest Storage Trends For 2023
Blocks & Files, Thursday, September 7,2023
What Is Data Archiving? Definition & Best Practices
Enterprise Storage Forum, Friday, September 8,2023
What Every Executive Needs To Know About Unstructured Data?, Thursday, September 7,2023
IT News - Gestalt IT
Decades Of Compatibility And Evolution Of PCI Express With Richard Solomon
Gestalt IT, Friday, September 8,2023
IT News - AI
Crafting A New Future Through The Lens Of AI Possibilities, Friday, September 8,2023
HPC News Bytes 20230905: Google Cloud Teams with NVIDIA; Arm Neoverse; ETH's Hoefler Also at CSCS; RHEL
insideHPC, Tuesday, September 5,2023
Top 10 Conversational AI Platforms 2023
eWeek, Tuesday, September 5,2023
What Is The Future Of Machine Learning?
Search Enterprise AI, Friday, September 8,2023
IT News - Technology
Samsung Teases 1TB DDR5 Modules With Launch Of 32Gb Die
The Register, Monday, September 4,2023
Intel's Futuristic 528-Thread Monster CPU May Mark End Of An Era As Chip Giant Looks Beyond X86, Wednesday, September 6,2023
Just How Big - Or Small - Is The Quantum Computing Racket?
The Next Platform, Wednesday, September 6,2023
9 Quantum Computing Challenges IT Leaders Should Understand
SearchCIO, Wednesday, September 6,2023
Five Emerging Memory Technologies, With MRAM In Pole Position
Blocks & Files, Thursday, September 7,2023
IT News - Operations
Consider These 6 Data Center Cleaning Best Practices
Search Data Center, Thursday, September 7,2023
16 Top Enterprise Risk Management Software Vendors To Consider In 2023
SearchCIO, Friday, September 8,2023
IT News - Telco
Why Now Is The Time For AIOps In Telecom - The Impact Of 5G, Cloud And Open RAN
RCRWirelessNews, Friday, September 8,2023
Five Key Areas For An Energy-Efficient 5G Core
RCRWirelessNews, Friday, September 8,2023
What Are 5G's Killer Applications?
Search Networking, Thursday, September 7,2023
IT News - Linux
80 Essential Linux Applications For Every User In 2023
GeeksMint, Friday, September 8,2023
IT News - FOSS
LibreOffice 7.5.6 Office Suite Released with More Than 50 Bug Fixes
9to5linux, Thursday, September 7,2023
IT News - Cloud
Comparing Cloud Giants: 5 Key Differences Between AWS And Azure
ITProToday, Wednesday, September 6,2023
Security For Multicloud And Hybrid Cloud Environments
DARKReading, Thursday, September 7,2023
The 13 Best Cloud Cost Management Tools & Platforms For 2023
Solutions Review, Tuesday, September 5,2023
Why Cloud Computing Trends Suggest A Bright Future For OpenStack
Data Center Knowledge, Tuesday, September 5,2023
IT News - Email
Email Security
Search Security, Wednesday, September 6,2023
IT News - Backup
Best Backup And Recovery Software
PeerSpot, Wednesday, September 6,2023
Gestalt IT: Once Again, Snapshots Are Not Backups (26 m)
Gestalt I, Tuesday, September 5,2023
The CISOs Guide To Storage & Backup Cyber Resiliency
Solutions Review, Friday, September 8,2023
IT News - Big Data
The Three Things Data Practitioners Struggle With
Dataversity, Friday, September 8,2023
Pros And Cons Of Big Data - Datamation
Datamation, Tuesday, September 5,2023
Are SSDs Required For Your Big Data Workflow? The Answer May Surprise You
datanami, Wednesday, September 6,2023
IT News - Java
Java News Roundup: Single Query Loading, GraalVM, GlassFish, JReleaser, Quarkus, Micronaut, Monday, September 4,2023
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